Johnson & Associates Consulting

Johnson and Associates has been implementing EPM solutions using Oracle for over 20 years. This business is comprised mainly of myself, Howard Johnson. I have led the Hyperion tract of projects for half of the original big 6 and over 25 boutique Hyperion / EPM EPBS / PBCS firms.

As I’ve been in the industry for decades I have developed relationships with many of the goto and hard to fine resources who are highly skilled. Through this network, I have been able to lead projects outside my core skillset such a infrastructure installs / upgrades and providing for high performance using cluster fail overs.

While I still aim to keep busy being fully engaged on EPBCS and PBCS projects, I am intrigued with NetSuite Planning and Budgeting. There are hundreds of customers currently running NSPB that could really benefit from an assessment / review. Often times, after an implementation, a customer just wants a 3rd party assessment of how their use of the software stacks up to industry norms. Is this performance expected? What other challenges can this software solve for us? What ever happened to that What if modeling capability?

I believe I am appropriately skilled to review and fine tune these systems as NSPB is a subset of EPBCS / PBCS. The typical NSPB customer does not have the IT resources to dedicate to tasks like development, migrating development to production, and supporting the business in what happens when I push this button. The CIO’s I’ve spoken with really like the service I provide.