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Hyperion Planning Essbase Resume

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Howard Johnson

Hyperion Planning Architect St. Louis

Hyperion Planning Resume

Hyperion Essbase Resume

Mr. Johnson has been a business intelligence consultant for the past 15 years and completed over 40 successful projects.  He is a Hyperion Certified Essbase Consultant, Hyperion Certified Trainer, and possesses a Marketing / Logistics BS degree and an MBA degree.  In addition, he has trained various clients including Hyperion consulting staff and has also presented at “Dimensions”, the Hyperion technical tradeshow.

Industries covered:

Consumer goods manufacturing, grocery retail, credit card processing, telecommunications, earth moving equipment manufacturing, gas services, fast food, retail merchandising, publishing, office equipment manufacturing, glass container manufacturing, non-profit medical association, defense contractor, pet products manufacturing, and post secondary education institution


The benefits received from these projects have included:

  • -Performance tuning resulting on allocations finishing in 10 minutes instead of 8 hours +
  • -Same day consolidations for > 300 user budgeting/reporting system
  • - Multi user live field level allocations
  • -Reduction of general ledger reporting turnaround by 70%
  • -Greater data consistency (gross profit has the same meaning throughout the organization)
  • -Data integration (consolidation of data from multiple systems (eg. Multiple GL’s)
  • -Dynamic reporting systems (accommodate reorganizations)
  • -Multiple consolidation paths
  • -Increasing the self-sufficiency of business departments
  • -Allocation of expenses in manners previously not possible

Technical Skills:


Hyperion System 9 Installs                             System 9 upgrade

Hyperion Reports        Hyperion Planning      Analyzer

Essbase                        VBA                          MicroControl(DOS Hyperion)

HAL                            Hyperion Partitioning Hyperion API

Training Summary (teach for Hyperion as a subcontractor):


VBA Essbase Programming   Essbase Objects          Essbase API

Essbase BootCamp Course



Work Experience:

Military Global Retail (Dallas, Tx)

Hyperion System 9 Architect / Consultant (Feb 09 - Aug 09)

  • Redesigned the existing budgeting / allocation process which entails a 3 way allocation to level 0 for over 20,000 facilities.  The performance went from 9 hours + to 20 minutes.
  • Automated data sourcing resulting in the elimination of manual manipulation of the feed resulting in a savings of 1 hour plus the ability to automate this feed into a nightly scheduled job.
  • In working through the requirements, a native Essbase system was developed as opposed to using Hyperion Planning.  A future phase incorporates using Hyperion Planning to gather data from the field then passing this data to today's native Essbase system for allocaitons.  The new process no longer requires the use of IT for the business analysts to perform their allocations.  Currently the business users can kick off a process that performs allocations, consolidations, and data movement among 3 different applications without involving the day to day use of the IT department.

System 9 upgrade Implementation (Dec 08 - Feb 09)

  • Through the use of one of my associates I was able to provide an Essbase server install  / upgrade on AIX Unix from Essbase v6.1 to Hyperion System 9 Essbase 9.3.1 for this Retailer.  The turnaround time from customer initial contact was 5 weeks.
  • Migrated 5 production applications and performed performance tuning.  Created a prototype of a redesign for one of the models that had interdimensional irrelevance built into the database making the model difficult to use.

National Lasik Provider (St. Louis, MO)

Hyperion System 9 Architect / Consultant (Aug 08 – Feb 09)

  • Redesigned the existing production Hyperion Planning System.
  • Modified the model to enable a moving forecast process.  The previous design enabled only a fixed 3 open period for the forecast.
  • Enabled multi currency conversion feature.

National Television Station (Dallas, TX)

Hyperion System 9 Architect / Consultant (Mar 08 – Jul 08)

  • Lead architect for Hyperion Planning planning system.
  • Responsible for the design and build of the nationwide budgeting / forecasting system.
  • Created web forms, business rules, and general system troubleshooting to ensure maximum uptime for the entire planning teams development effort.


Performance Material Manufacturer (StL MO)

Hyperion System 9 Architect / Consultant (Feb 08)

  • System troubleshooting identifying issues causing the instability of the environment.
  • Performance tuning and optimization evaluation resulting in the reduction of a Planning database from 36 gig to 8 gig after following just 2 recommendations.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturer (Allegan, MI)

Hyperion System 9 Architect / Consultant (Oct 07  – Jan 08)

  • Lead Architect for implementation of Hyperion Planning 9.2.03 project
  • Responsible for the design and build of the global budgeting system utilizing Hyperion Planning 9.2.03.

Medical Claims Processing Company (St. Louis, MO)

Hyperion System 9 Architect / Consultant (Mar 07  – Sep 07)

  • Performed upgrade from Essbase 6.5 to System 9.3.  This involved hardware specifications / acquisition resulting in the purchase of 2 additional 4 way, 16 gig ram, Microsoft Enterprise servers for the project.  The software included Essbase, Financial Reporting, Web Analytics, and the web and application servers.
  • Performed the software installs on the servers (production and development) and also facilitated the client installs with infrastructure.  Documented all install steps and procedures.  The post install tweaks required for the software to function were well documented and handed to the client.
  • Performed work flow improvements to save one administrator 1 ½ hours worth of work daily.  This involved the creation of automations for ftp’ing and ETL processes.  In addition, 2 additional Essbase Applications were created to save financial analysts a combined 6 days of manual processing each month.
  • Delivered self created EssUtility (custom Excel VBA addin) and provided training.  The use of this utility greatly streamlined the creation / maintenance of reports.  Many manual tasks were automated resulting in more timely reporting of information and easier maintenance.

Extended Long Term Health Care (Atlanta, GA)

Hyperion Planning System Architect / Consultant (Sep 06 – Dec 06)

  • Streamlined one planning system currently in production by reducing the business rules from 16 to 2 thereby greatly reducing ongoing maintenance.
  • Revision of a work in process planning app that never made it into production.  This revision included removal of dimension, rewriting business rules, web forms, and creating new ETL process for data from Planning to Peoplesoft.
  • Created scorecards / dashboards in VBA that automatically generate PDF files for distribution to the regional managers.  These are now created in under 1 hour for the entire company.
  • Performed documentation, technical training, and knowledge transfer of all Hyperion Planning systems and related processes.  This client will be self sufficient for the next planning cycle.


Insurance / Financial Services Company (Columbus, OH)

Hyperion Reporting Environment Security (Sep 05 – Jun 06)

  • Security architect for portal reporting system with expected user base of 10,000+
  • Gather requirements and design system to enforce Sarbanes Compliance with regards to a public business unit data consolidating with private business units.
  • Security utilizes LDAP authentication and includes the following products: Performance Suite, Spreadsheet Services, Analyzer, Hyperion Reports, and Essbase 7.3 (utilizing extensive security filters)


Extended Long Term Health Care (Atlanta, GA)

Hyperion Planning System Architect / Consultant (Jun 05 – Aug 05)

  • Came onto project when it was close to go live.  Validated entire system design and made modifications where necessary.
  • Redesigned all business rules to perform allocations and eliminations.
  • Modified planning outline design for performance considerations
  • Created ETL feed from Essbase / Hyperion Planning into Peoplesoft that meet performance requirements. (10 minute window, including sign flips, sub totals, etc.)


Hyperion Planning Budgeting System (National Bakery St. Louis, MO)

Hyperion Planning System Architect / Consultant (Sep 04 – May 05)

  • As lead architect, designed and implemented a budgeting system that consisted of 3 planning applications and 4 native essbase applications.
  • Created the ability to perform high level allocations in the sales application.  Business users were able to enter data at a very high level of customer, product, and entity where the system would push the values down to level 0 across the 3 dimensions at the same time.  This enabled the sales forecast to link into the production plan for each bakery.
  • This system enabled Sara Lee to perform both their sales forcasting and manufacturing planning at a customer, product, bakery level.  Without Planning, this would not have been possible in the previous system.
  • Created all hal integrations, business rules, and calc scripts for the initial rollout for production and provided production support for 5 months after go live.

Telecom Switch Datamart (Telecommunications, Kansas City, MO)

Essbase implementation manager (May 04 – June 04)

  • Implementation consultant for a rapid 6 week proof of concept project.  Involved software installation on linux and windows hardware and Essbase model design and implementation. The equivalent of 13 dimensions of data were delivered to the users via 5 Essbase cubes.
  • Made changes to planned hardware for both dev and production by adding ram.
  • Held multiple design sessions with 6 different departments within Birch.  Laid out sample project plans for each model discussed.
  • Created proof of concept model for spreadsheet based budgeting system using Essbase and VBA.


International Law Firm (Manhatten NY)

Essbase Administration (Jul 03 – May 04)

  • Essbase administrator for period of 7 months.  During this time, I upgraded Essbase from 6.1 to 6.5 p2.  Purchased a new production server and migrated the environments.  Also maintained and tuned 14 cubes that were in production.
  • Designed an allocation system which allocated all expenses to the employee / department level based on their hour / department % entered.
  • Trained end users.  Eliminated Esscell references in workbooks.  This improved end user retrieval times from 45 minutes to 25 seconds for a given report.
  • Trained end users in proper report design and VBA automations.
  • Interviewed 20 candidates for my position.  This process took 7 months.  The client discovered they needed to pay a bit more money than they were expecting to pay.  It is also difficult to find good talent out there for Essbase administration.
  • Created online repository for end users covering creating reports and VBA coding.



Credit Card Processing Company (Purchase, NY)

Planning Version 3.0– Planning infrastructure project manager (4/03  – Jun 03)

  • Project manager for the infrastructure of the Hyperion Planning project.  This included all software install and configuration settings on 3 different planning environments and 2 different Essbase, test, development and production.
  • Identified and resolved multiple issues with project design that would not have enabled the Planning system as designed to go into production. (Watchdog over implementation team lead by Hyperion)
  • Designed and developed all interfaces required for feeding and extracting from Planning.  The file layouts for Planning interfaces are especially unforgiving and must be perfect to load without error.
  • Provided system tuning to reduce consolidation and retrieval times for all Planning components, from Essbase to the web servers.

Global Oil Energy Company (Houston, Tx)

Planning Version 2.2– Planning Developer for Budgeting Project (11/02 – Feb 03)

  • Responsible for the setup and design of budgeting system using Hyperion Planning 2.2, Analyzer 6.1, Reports 2.0, HAL, and Essbase 6.5.
  • Redesigned existing forms.  Performance of Planning forms is highly dependant upon form layout.  Forms performance times have improved from 2 minutes to 10 seconds depending on design.
  • Performed installs and various upgrades of each of the planning components.  Design of end user interface and model design based on user requirements.

Sewer Slipline Manufacturer and Implementor (Chesterfield, Mo)

Essbase 6.1 – Essbase Front End Development for Finance Personnel (9/02 – 11/02)

  • Redesigned their Essbase reporting system to remove a dimension and reorganize another.  This enabled their reports to be much more flexible and dynamic in nature as well as reduce the consolidation times.
  • Designed and trained finance personnel on VBA template creation and automation.  They are now able to perform same day consolidations in hours as opposed to 3 days.  The finance department has a thorough understanding of this code and requires no support from IT.

Baby Products Manufacturer (Avon, Ma)

Essbase 6.1 – Essbase Tuning and Administration (01/02 – 10/02)

  • Salvaged Essbase allocations project gone wrong.  Revived an application that was at 30 gig and took 24 hours for one of 12 allocations.  Final model takes 7 gig and performs 12 allocations in 13 hours.
  • Built allocation model that performs 8 separate allocations down to by customer by product.  This is directly impacting how      The First Years is staffing each of their product line planning departments.
  • Prototyped various user interfaces combining relational data with Essbase utilizing excel with vba, analyzer, and ArcPlan.
  • Identified the need to purchase partitioning to combine financials for 3 separate cubes.  Many of the intricacies of the partitioning were addressed before the move to purchase took place. (which dimensions needed to be in sync, what this meant to current production models)


Retail Convenience (Corpus Christi, Tx)

Essbase 6.0 – Essbase calc scripting (10/01 – 1/02, 4/01 – 7/01, 4/99 – 8/99)

  • Essbase DBA role, created 2 essbase cubes.
  • First cube was read / write and contained data from their g/l and end user data entry.
  • All facets of essbase were used, load rules, calc scripts, report scripts, and esscmd automations.   Built custom excel interface for users to enter and report on data.
  • Second cube, read only holds sales for every store by every upc for every day.
  • Essbase 6.0 was implemented to utilize the essbase 6 feature of attributes.  Without the use of attributes, the 5 dimensional cube that takes 5 hours to calc would have been a 12 dimensional cube that would have taken > 24 hours to calc.
  • Also automated the loading and calcing of essbase through esscmd and a scheduler.

Aggricultural BioTechnology Company (St. Louis, MO)

Hyperion Planning 2.0 – Performance Tuning - Essbase calc scripting (4 months, 7/01 – 10/01)

  • Created allocation and conversion calc scripts that were too complex to use the business rules tool. Created calc scripts that are run upon form submission. (200% faster than the default calc scripts)
  • Loaded and performed calculations on rate metrics essential for volume and package size conversion calculations in addition to currency conversion calculations.

Telecommunications (Kansas City, KC)

Essbase optimization and automation (4 months, 12/00 – 4/01)

  • Reduced database calc time by 40% and helped develop various essbase automations.
  • Performed upgrade on HPUX essbase 6.x (difficult environment to run essbase on, not recommended)

National Organic Grocery Retailer  (01/00 – 08/00 Austin Tx)

Budgeting / Reporting PeopleSoft sourced Forecasting System (7 months)

  • Project manager for regional controller forecasting/reporting system.
  • Forecasting values were gathered at corporate which were then pushed out to the regional controllers for forecasting purposes.
  • Enabled corporate setting of forecasts which were then modified by 7 field controllers by location, period, and by 15 separate accounts.


Budgeting / Reporting PeopleSoft Sourced Budgeting System (7 months)

  • Lead Architect and Project Manager for 120 user read/write budgeting/allocation system.  The implementation team consisted of 3 Essbase consultants and 1 functional lead from the client.
  • Functionality included high level forecasting being pushed down to detail.  End user allocation system further pushed out to field personnel.  The field users consisted of 120 store managers each being able to modify their budget by subteam, by accounts, by period.   This system allows for during the day, live regional consolidations.
  • Built interface to build cubes from PeopleSoft Oracle tables (including building dimensions from PeopleSoft trees and extracting data)
  • The system built was to replace a failed attempt at using PeopleSoft Budgets for budgeting.  Functionality that Budgets could not deliver was delivered using a custom Essbase solution.

Gas Utility Company ( 09/00 – 01/00, 2 months  St. Louis MO)

Budgeting / Reporting PeopleSoft Budgets

  • Designed the cubes and reports for the PeopleSoft Budgeting module.  Due to the limitations of the PeopleSoft Tools data mover, 16 separate cubes were required for deployment.
  • The reports were designed with the emphasis on reducing paper and providing online viewing.  Cognos and Excel were chosen for the reporting tools. Cognos would enable browser based viewing through the web and Excel would enable the creation of formatted financial statements.
  • The performance requirements were not going to be met with Essbase 4.2, so the system was patched to upgrade to Essbase 5.0 to utilize the advanced Essbase features.  Specifically, 4 14 dimensional models needed to be fully loaded and calced within a 6 hour window.  This would not be possible without the use of Essbase 5.0.

International Beverage Company (11/00 10 day prototype, St. Louis MO)

Software Selection

  • Selection of Olap server standard: Performed pre-sales assistance for the demonstration of Hyperion’s Essbase capabilities.  Performed a one day prototype that typically takes three days to complete.  The model included daily deliveries from three regions of distributors to all retail outlets.  Due to both the performance and ease of deployment, Hyperion’s Essbase was chosen.

Post Secondary Education Institution (2/99 – 3/99, Dallas Fort Worth Tx)

Budgeting / Reporting

  • Project manager for a course profitability budgeting / reporting system that was developed in under 6 weeks.  The ability to perform expense allocations at the course level based on credit hours, # of classes, and number of students was created.  Costs such as facilities and maintenance, faculty salaries, department support staff, and utilities were allocated at the class level based on credit hours.
  • Financial Aid by student were combined with courses taken to create Financial Aid awarded by student by university program.  Such analysis as which programs were receiving the most levels of financial aid was created.
  • Business questions answered: “Do we need to raise tuition?” Which programs are the least profitable?” “What is the breakdown of University Financial Aid by class?”

Telecommunications Company – Sales Quoting System (4/98 – 10/98, 6 months, Jackson MS)

Reporting – Data Gathering

  • Created customer-pricing model to analyze profit margins by product, which enables the consolidation of revenue and expenses by many different means.  Since 200 customers are processed each week, there was no way to consolidate these analyses in an automated fashion.  The model developed allows for the consolidation of an entire year’s worth of customer pricing quotes.
  • Productivity improvement: A customer analysis quote previously took 3 days, currently takes 1 hour with the developed system.

Telecommunications Company – Revenue Reporting (4/98 – 10/98, 6 months, Jackson MS)

Budgeting / Forecasting / Reporting

  • Project manager for consolidation / reporting system to eliminate the re-keying of data for reporting purposes.  This system accepts inputs from 6 different sources including G/L feeds, spreadsheets from multiple departments, and paper reports from another consolidation system.  By automating the loading of this information into a single database, report production time was reduced by 3 days.
  • The previously used reports have been modified to pull data from the newly created multidimensional database. This resulted in quick implementation and a seamless transition from the old way of doing things.  Previously, spreadsheet links existed in order to consolidate the organization’s financials.  All spreadsheet links have been eliminated resulting in much smaller, cleaner spreadsheets, that greatly reduce the possibility of corrupted files and incorrect financials being reported.

Global Earthmoving Equipment Manufacturer (Peoria IL)

Budgeting / Reporting

Led project development team to design and implement consolidation / budgeting / reporting system to replace the existing spreadsheet based system.  This involved identifying the business processes in involved in the annual budgeting process.

  • This system reduced the budgeting cycle time by a factor of 3, eliminated errors from consolidation, provided a great level of data integrity, and also incorporated various levels of security for departmental security across the corporate entity.

Telecommunications Company (Digital PCS) (Kansas City MO)

Budgeting / Reporting

  • Member of three person implementation team, which developed a customized budgeting system for a nationwide product in eight weeks. This budgeting system, currently in use by over 200 field offices, consists of three Essbase databases utilizing Excel as the front end.  Users have the capability to load data and see consolidations real time.
  • Created an end user template development system consisting of an Excel addin and spreadsheets.  This system reduces the need for IS support by enabling the development of planning templates by financial analysts.

Gas Services Company (Detroit MI)

Budgeting / Reporting

  • Member of two person implementation team which met with affected users to determine design requirements to create a reporting / budgeting system for the gas services business. 
  • Created Essbase reporting system, which eliminated two information gathering systems and the re-keying of data. In one week’s time, developed over 40 management reports for external reporting, internal reporting, accounting, and financial analysis departments.
  • Created an EIS GL reporting system in Essbase and Excel which included stop light indicators for tracking key controllable expenses Worked with accounting manager to ensure the system created would meet the needs of principal officers in the corporation.
  • Created industry specific measures through calc scripts to gauge performance of the various fast food outlets by location by cost center, which could be reported by various consolidation paths.
  • Cost Reduction: Through the elimination of fed ex charges alone, the project paid for itself in 16 months.

Fast Food Company (Oklahoma City OK)

Budgeting / Reporting

Major Retailer (Southern and Eastern Coasts) (Atlanta GA)


  • Created calculations used to monitor business performance at the store level by week by subclass.
  • Performed the functions required to connect a corporate planning system, Arthur, with Essbase.  This system enabled the budgeting and planning of sku level data for over 80 department stores.
  • Created automation procedures to allow the seamless integration of data from legacy systems into a modern reporting system.

Fortune 500 Journal and Medical Book Publisher (St. Louis MO)


  • Decision Support project manager.  Determine resources needed to convert all existing reports from mainframe to client server based reporting with the SmartStream decision support system.  Utilized multidimensional tools to create client based multidimensional databases.  Each of these databases allowed interactive analysis while eliminating 25 reports per database.
  • After meeting with financial accountants, determined reporting system requirements in addition to tool selection, which included both multidimensional and relational database systems.

Fortune 500 Office Equipment Manufacturer

Project Scoping

  • Met with financial personnel to determine reporting requirements.
  • Scoped out the resources required to complete conversion from a mainframe based reporting system to client server.
  • Created project plan for implementation of the reporting system involving tool selection and resource planning.

National Non-Profit Medical Association (Chicago IL)

ERP Selection Process

  • Member of ERP member package selection team.  Met with all affected users in the organization to determine business and reporting requirements.
  • Provided analysis to determine the level of customization required for implementation for various ERP packages. Recommended ERP package purchase for accounting, finance, and reporting functions.

Fortune 500 Container Manufacturer (Toledo OH)


  • Member of a financial systems and purchasing implementation project team at a major plastic and glass container manufacturer.  Played a major role in the design and development of the financial control and data analysis reports.
  • Worked with financial personnel to identify and develop reports including credit, general ledger, and financial reports.  Development was performed through the use of various decision support tools including relational and multidimensional databases.


Major Clothing Retailer (National) (St. Louis MO)

Budgeting / Reporting

  • Administered the $8,000,000 Smart Buys Vendor program which reduced the company’s new store and remodeling costs $857,000 through volume discounts with key vendors.
  • Developed a reporting system where time to report planned purchases of 320 visual elements for 8 divisions was reduced from 1 week to 4 hours.
  • Reported financial information for all store companies including sales, earnings, merchandise, sales promotion and other related areas to senior management.
  • Consolidated and reported daily planned sales for all department store locations.


DEFENSE CONTRACTOR (Multinational) ( St. Louis MO)

  • Consolidated inventory transfer information for an aircraft project to meet government auditor requirements, which created a $200,000 increase in progress payments.
  • Developed decision support reporting system, which enabled finance personnel to download large amounts of information from the mainframe without programmer involvement.  This resulted in a savings of 6 days for the reporting cycle.  This system is still used today, having been developed 4 years ago.
  • Analyzed and proposed computer and software purchases for the Cost Performance Group.


Major Fast Food Retailer (Multinational) (Chicago IL)


  • Developed a ground-breaking Essbase prototype for a fast food retailer seeking to replace their legacy system as part of a year 2000 conversion.  Various functions such as spreading, consolidating, and reporting were addressed.
  • Involved use of the Essbase API and VBA to perform advanced functionality.

Pet Products Manufacturer (Multinational) (St. Louis MO)

System Analysis

  • Performed model analysis of an eleven dimensional Essbase manufacturing resource planning system for the largest pet products manufacturer in the world.  Summarized findings and recommendations in a document for all-levels of personnel (executive to analyst).


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