There are a large number of people out there that want to learn Hyperion Planning.  I believe that before you can be a competent Planning developer, you must first know and understand Essbase (the back end for Planning).  There are many options for learning Essbase out there.  You have the official vendor courses taught by Oracle and some partners:
  • 5 day Essbase Bootcamp
  • 2 day Calculate Essbase Databases
  • 3 day Essbase for System Administrators
  • 3 day Deploy Aggregate Storage Databases
  • 2 day Financial Reporting Studio
  • 1 day Hyperion Smartview
  • 3 day Essbase Studio
  • I have not seen a VBA course but this could be one of the most beneficial for Hyperion Administrators.
There are also some 3rd Party training company courses.  I do not have any idea of the quality of their training.
The issue I have with these training courses is that they are product specific.  You will learn most every feature, option, and setting of each tool.  The problem is:
-would you or should you use all of these features (instead of doing ETL in a load rule, how about fixing it upstream in the repository where it should be done)
-could you pay for all these courses?
-could you get time off work and schedule time to take all these courses?
-by the time you get to use these tools, would you remember any of the class room material?
I used to teach the 5 day Essbase bootcamp.  It was really fun.  After covering the course material, I'd often go off course topic to explain different challenges to watch out for.  I'd even teach how to automate many tasks using VBA.  While teaching this course, often times I felt like a physics professor (I don't know physics).  The glazed stares on the 4th day far outnumbered the nodding heads of understanding.  I felt like I was selling fear.  Convincing the training customers that they were in over their heads.  My major problem is that I couldn't turn my training into consulting gigs because everyone was already wrapped up in contracts with Oracle and the Implementation Partners for training.
I see the benefit of offering a solution based training offering.
A solution will be presented that clearly gets the user from point a to point b.   I will start with a read only Essbase application.  All of the components to take it to production will be covered.  It will however be a little light on the Essbase side.  Since it's read only there are a lot of  topics I do not need to cover among them are write security, calc scripts, write back in excel, etc..  I believe that by focusing on the big picture first (to be followed up by more detailed course work), you can get your hands on something more quickly and fully digest it.  Most of my students from the 5 day bootcamp left with a glazed look on their faces.  The few that took the course a 2nd time really were able to digest all the material presented.
If you have success with this course then you might have the understanding and capacity to take the vendor offered calc scripting class or even pickup one of the "Look Smarter than you Are" books.  You should have a good ground upon which to stand to digest and create the additional material covered in these books.  Don't get me wrong, I'd like to offer the more advanced calc scripting course but developing courses takes a lot of time, especially to do it well.
If you would be interested in beta testing one of these please submit a form at Hyperion Support / Online Training Request.  I currently have 6 brave test subjects.  I think I have my sample of developers covered.  I could maybe use 1 more business skilled person for training.
-Essbase server environment up and running that you'll have access to (at least system 9 if not 11 of some flavor)
-Essbase client tools installed on a desktop pc, virtual machine, or server where you can access them (Excel addin, Smartview Addin, Client tools, EAS console)
-Either Essbase admin access or someone to create 2 applications and a native security id and native security group
-The client tools need to match as closely as to the server as possible.  A client will not talk to a 11.1.2 server.  System 9 won't talk to anything else.
Also make sure you can view the recorded movies.  Sometimes a companies firewall or other settings prevent the movies from running.
Try viewing:  Loading Essbase Addin Movie
If you don't have access to an installed Hyperion Environment one can be built.  The installation is not a trivial task but if you have a machine with 4 gig of ram it can be done.  This does not need to be a super powerful server just something that is running Hyperion Essbase on System 11.  This link below has steps provided by Tim Tow of installing Essbase on Windows 7 .
Another option is to create your own server in the cloud.  2 folks, an app guy (Cameron Lackpour) and an infrastructure guy (John Booth) have created an Amazon cloud image of the Hyperion EPM environment and made it available for public use. All you need to do is create an Amazon server, then stage it with this image and voila.  You have your own System 11 environment.  They have the steps clearly documented.  It will only take you a few hours to run through all the steps.  See the steps at



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