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how much free hard drive does Essbase need to run?

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For Essbase (block storage), the minimal amount of free hard drive space is equal to your largest database (all objects) size  + 15%.

The size of your database is made up of the sum of all:

  • -indexes (.ind extension)
  • -page files (.pag extension)
  • (the other objects are small enough you can ignore them, they'll be compensated by the 15%)

If you have a 30 gig database (sum of .ind and .pag)

then you'll need 30 + 4.5 gig free.

This free space is necessary in order to be able to modify the outline and save the database by keeping all data.  When you modify the outline and keep all data, Essbase will write the database in it's entirety (resulting in a 2nd copy) then delete the original files after a complete restructure.  During this restructure, .pan files are created.  Once complete the .pag and .inn are deleted then the .inn and .pan files are renamed to .ind and .pag.




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