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This is a compilation of various screencams that have been created to help explain different facets of Essbase. More will be added over time as I get to them. The purpose of these movies is two fold. One, is that I can develop this once then tell my customers the location without me having to re-explain to end users at every customer site I visit. The other reason is to provide a repository for other Essbase users.

First Retrieval For new users to Essbase, this clip goes through some of the motions of retrieving and navigating the sample basic model.

Loading Addin to Excel


demonstrates loading the Essbase addin.Sometimes when IT installs essbase on your desktop, the add-in is not loaded into Excel. If people claim to have installed Essbase on your desktop and you don't see the adding, give this a shot and you could be up and running in minutes. I have one customer that can make the add-in disappear 3 times a day, so this is real handy for him.
VBA, Retrieval example, importing declarations Demonstration of importing VBA code declarations, adding a button to a spreadsheet, and attaching code to the button that performs an Essbase Retrieval on the current spreadsheet.

VBA Retrieve All Sheets Code


This clip demonstrates from a blank workbook how to create the code to have one touch retrieval of all the sheets in your workbook. (includes importing declarations, writing loop code, and creating and assigning button to initiate code)
Walk through outline in application manager Intro to Application manager - this is a walk through an outline and various dimensions and their members
Using the Database Set Note Feature Setting the database note in application manager
Starting the Essbase Server Starting the Essbase server
Subst Var Creating and using substitution variables
Adding a Spanned drive to an application The only thing to remember here is that you have to stop and start your app after making any database setting changes.
Removing a Spanned drive from an application In removing a spanned drive from an application you need to perform 3 steps.

1. remove the reference from the database settings

2. perform an app stop / start

3. a dense restructure needs to take place (long restructure) which will force essbase to rewrite the .pag and .ind files to another drive. This is performed by adding a dummy dense member to the database. (the dummy dense member is added to time which is a dense dimension)

In the example I am not prompted to save and keep all data. You need to choose to keep all data when performing this task.


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