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Essbase / Excel Menu Commands (Free)
I have listed these because many do not realize that these commands are available with every essbase installation, even when essbase is provided with ERP's like PeopleSoft or Lawson.  With this tool, you can easily automate many reporting tasks. Anything you can do with the mouse in the Essbase menu in excel can be performed using these commands.

Extended Spreadsheet Macros (1/2 $)
99% of all my customers have purchased this option.  The one customer that did not purchase this option wished they had.  For some reason they actually purchased the API instead.  These macros provide the functionality of the Menu Commands + a whole lot more.  The function calls for performing Essbase operations, now accept parameters.  It is much easier to control excel interaction with these tools.  For the retrieve operation, intead of having to select the retrieval range, you can merely refer to a range to perform the operation.  With this tool kit, you can easily create your own custom budgeting / reporting applications.

Essbase API (application programming interface)

Not that many of my customers have purchased the API.  Probably around 50%.  Rumor has it that new customers the purchase Essbase get the API included in the Essbase purchase price.  The api give you the power to perform most of the tasks you can do with Application manager.  There are 2 Visual Basic api's and 3 C api's.  The main api gives you funcitonality to copy / create applications, add members to the outline, add users to security, create secutiry filters, etc..  If you are thinking about any kind of application development wiht Essbase you should definately investigate the API.

SQL Interface ($$)
This option is listed first because implementing this feature can provide a very large band for the buck.  Take a second to think about your current Essbase reporting system.  How does the data flow?
Through implementation of the Sql interface in accordance with a datawarehouse, we were able to reduce the cube processing time from 5 days to 8 hours.  Granted, the 5 days of processing was really due to manual steps that needed to be performed to transform the files into proper format and also validate the data.

Partitioning ($$$)
This feature enables you to create "partitioned" Essbase cubes.  This is necessary when one cube is either too large or needs to be broken into multiple pieces for updating purposes.  The 3 types or partitions are transparent, linked, and replicated.  Transparent partitions allow you to breakup one large cube into multiple smaller cubes.  In so doing, the resulting size of the pieces actually takes less space than the whole model because it is partitioned across a sparse dimension, and this dimension is dynamically calculated.

EAS-Essbase Administration Services (FREE)

In the last couple of years, Hyperion has created EAS.  This tool is like a single control center for multiple Essbase servers.  From this console, you can log in once and be logged into multiple Essbase severs.  From this utility you can perform tasks like copying Essbase objects, security filters, and users across servers.  Additional log analysis is available here as well.  One major feature lacking however is the ability to copy a fully populated database across servers.  This tool in the future is expected to replace the application manager.  Currently this tool allows control of about 40% of the functionality of Application manager.

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