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What are the tools used to administer Essbase?

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An Essbase system is comprised of the following:

-an Essbase server - this is where the database is running.  Typically this is on a "server" in IT's server room.  While you can run Essbase on a windows pc at your desk, this should really only be done to have an extra development environment.

-EAS, Essbase Analysisis Services - this tool is run from your pc to create databases, load data, and anything you need to do to your Essbase database.  This is best used as a client install but you can run this tool via a url off your web server.  Running via URL is a handy feature if you have to perform database functions (like showing a user an outline) when you are at someone else's desk.  This URL version is truly 0 footprint.  There have been a few issues in this tool that don't work as well as the installed version so for your real work, you'll want to install it locally.

-Excel- for you and users to be able to see the numbers in Essbase, the Excel addin is the #1 method used. 

-shared Services: if your security has been externalized (most installs would be of this type), security is administered using this tool.  This tool is usually plugged into your companies active directory so this reduces the administration of maintaining users for your Essbase administrator.

Optional components that you might not be utilizing but maybe you should.

-Workspace- This is a web portal that provides access to administering user security and also is a holding area for reports developed.  Financial reporting studio and Web Analysis reports easily show up in this portal with no extra effort.

-reporting tool- Financial Reporting Studio- this tool only reports against Essbase.  It is for creating highly formatted financial reports.  This tool has a long life ahead of itself and there is nothing else out that that creates such formatted reports out of Essbaes except Excel.  These reports are delivered to the users via the web (Workspace).  There is both a html and pdf view.  You can create batches of books where you define a report once and the system will generate hundres of reports.

-reporting tool- Web Analysis - this tool is best explained as an EIS GUI presentation layer.  EIS meaning executive information system.  GUI means graphical user interface.  You can do various stoplighting, charts, multiple grids.  All kinds of reports can be created.  The best thing is that these are idiot proof.  As opposed to setting users lose on your data in excel where they can quickly trash the excel templates, there is no way to mess up these reports.