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How to launch essbase calc scripts

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There are many different ways to kick off a calc script.

Excel: you first need to have a connection to a database then execute Essbase, Calculation, then choose the calc.  Your cursor will blink until it's done.  You can stop the calc if you're on the sheet from which it was launched.  Once again choose Essbase, Calculation, then stop.

EAS: Essbase Administration Services.  You can right click on a calc script and choose execute.  You now have the option of choosing background or just hit ok.  If you just hit ok, it will lock up the EAS screen until the calc is finished.

Esscommand: this is a dos executable that is run from a dos prompt.  When you kick off a calc using Esscommand, you'll see the window get updated during the calc.  Hitting the Escape key will stop the calc from running.  This can be scripted from inside DOS to perform automations.

Maxl: this is another dos executable that is run from a dos prompt.  This has additional properties for automations in that it returns a valid error code while running.  The drawback is that you don't see anything in the window updated until the script is finished.  Also, hitting Escape, will not stop the calc that is running.


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