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overlooked admin tasks: parse your essbase server logs

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Parsing your server and app logs.

Out of the box, Essbase does not have any automated log pruning that takes place.  In the course of a day, the log can easily grow by 100 meg or more.  You can clear the log through the EAS (essbase administrator console) or via esscommand or maxl, but before doing so, there is some valuable data inside that log.

I'd recommend parsing and backing up your app logs weekly (actually I'd try monthly and see if it's too big for EAS to view in their fancy log charting tool.  I've seen clients where their app log has grown to 6 gig in size.  This was pretty much their log since the inception of Essbase at their company.  Having a monster log file just makes it difficult to identify and troubleshoot issues that occured in a specific time frame.

Esscmd Example:

Once you've logged into esscmd, you can issue the command:  deletelog "appname";

  • login "localhost" "admin" "password;
  • deletelog "appname";
  • exit;

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