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essbase does not tie to source system

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  • One reason your essbase does not tie is that there are error records in the data load that need to be addressed.  Some clients are running in production with known errors in their data loads.  This might seem okay until you understand that by default, Essbase only records the first 300 error kickouts.  Lets say you are loading a data file with 5 unknown products in the file.  Someone made the call to not add them to the database since they are not valid products any.  Your error log could get filled up with these known errors, then Essbase will stop logging all errors.  I was at a client where they never understood why their Essbase was off by small amounts each month.  I changed the error logging to the maximum of 65,000 records and they found some surprises.
  • Another issue could be that the records in your datafile are not unique.  You could have duplicate records.  By default, load rules are set to "over write existing values".  A quick test you could do would be to clear your database, change the setting in your load rule to "add to existing values", then reload and recalc your database.  If you now tie, then you've confirmed that your records are not unique.
  • A final issue that could be preventing your database from tying out to your source file could be the consolidation operators inside your outline.  One misplaced ~ or a - instead of a + would also do the trick to prevent your database from tying to your source file.