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Working in a locked down environment

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When you are supposed to administer / develop Hyperion Essbase and you can't get to the server a few challenges are created.

 -creating and getting to an export of the database is a little tricky.  If you want to get the export off the sever it's next to impossible.  If you run a report script you can actually have the output goto your pc.  The drawback is that report scrips are close to the most inefficient process to run in Essbase

-replicated partitions: faster than report scripts but you have to deal with partitioning, a replicated partition will allow you to send data from one Essbase database to another while not having any direct access to the server be it Linux, Unix, or Windows.

-creating an export to use to import to another Essbase database: By default, Essbase will export data to the App folder on the Essbase server.  Unfortunately, Essbase does not allow you to get to the essbase\App folder.  There is a trick where you can export data to the database folder which you can access for importing.  If in the export window (or in esscmd or maxl) you select something along the lines of  data_file './sample/basic/basic_lev0.txt'; you will be able to import this into any database on this or other Essbase servers in your environment.




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