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Hyperion Planning Losing Substitution Variables

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In Planning using EPMA, there seems to be an issue where the substitution variables are disappearing from business rules.  I have not seen this issue with Hyperion Planning Classic applications.  What makes this peculiar is that the business rules appear to run without issue.

One fix is to:

you need to go into each business rule one at a time and export them. Save them to your pc. It will be in .xml format. Once you have saved them all, try importing just one of them and see if the variable reappears. Then reimport each one of them one at a time.  This seems to reregister the variable and suddenly it will appear.

This issue should not occur if you have the latest patches applied.  At this time, calc manager is at patch 3 and planning has a patch 4 out.

I've also seen where:
-sometimes changing the default value does not take effect in the rule until you manually deploy the rule after updating the variable value
-once a variable is used, changing the default value, limits, or even the string that appears results in corrupting that variable. Every rule that used that variable is now broken until that variable is replaced with a new one. I had a bunch of rules.

tip: Make sure you allow at least 3 weeks to migrate your development to production.


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