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What prevents data entry on my web form?

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A major milestone in every Hyperion Planning project is the day that you get your first web form to accept input.  Listed below, are some of the many different settings that will prevent a web form from accepting data input (we'll assume a bottoms up planning unit type here):

  • Security: has the id being used been provisioned for write access to the Hyperion Planning application
  • Account attempting to write to: is the account level 0, a stored account (not dynamic calc)
  • stored members of all dimensions: are you attempting to write to a dynamic member (scenario, product, entity, etc.)
  • Point of view criteria: are all the dimensions referenced in the web form level 0, check the page header and all the drop downs
  • planning unit started: has the planning unit (year, scenario, version) been opened for input (are you within the appropriate year specified in the scenario?)
  • year: is the year part of a planning unit that has been started?
  • security on entities: does the entity on the form allow for write access? (make sure the inherited security is correct, if you have read @idescendants of entity, then you will not be able to write)
  • security on accounts: do the accounts on the form allow for write access?
  • security on any other dimensions: are any other dimensions with security enabled set for write access?
  • user id: does this id have write access to the dimensions that have security enabled?
  • web form: is the read only check box checked to force the web form to be read only?
  • refresh with security filters: have you recently refreshed the Hyperion Planning application with security filters checked ?

Update:  2012:

  • Another item that will prevent a web from being writeable is if "workflow" has been enabled.  This is a very difficult one to troubleshoot as everything can work then suddenly everything is read only.  If you suspect this is the case, check the business units that are running and stop the one in question to see if it opens up.  If the planning unit is started, and you are using bottoms up workflow, if the entity / department (if department is the secondary dimension) in question is not assigned in workflow, you will never be able to write to it with the planning unit started. 

 At the start of every Hyperion Planning project, a big milestone is the first time you get a web form to accept data entry into a cell. 


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