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Hyperion Planning Web Form losing data

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you have a user that says their data is disappearing when they hit save on their web form.  After a half day of battling other fires, you clear your schedule and visit this users desk.  Low and behold, the user enters a number then hits save and when the web form renders, the value is gone.

What's the deal?

Here are the specifics:

  • -there is no business rule on the web form
  • -the form is not set to calc on save
  • -there is no member formula
  • -the account is set to store
  • -the account is an only child

So, the deal is that in Hyperion Planning, rows on a web form, where there is a member that is a single child will result in the data value not getting stored upon save.  The solution is to add a dummy sibling or remove the parent.  In this case, accounts were dense and the hierarchy was set to dynamic calc everywhere possible.

You can also have this situation where your rows are members of a sparse dimension.  In this case, you can choose the tag "never share" and this force Essbase to allow the entering of data at a level 0 child with no siblings.

This is an issue with all version of Hyperion Planning from 1.0 to 11.1.3.




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