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Hyperion Planning Business Rule Timeout

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In Hyperion Planning you launch business rules.

These can be launched by hitting save on a web form when the form has a run on save business rule or they can be launched by selecting Tools, business rules, launch.

Behind the scenes, the business rule request actually turns into an Essbase calc script request.  There are issues where Hyperion Planning doesn't wait around to tell you the script has completed.  Just because you get an error message , this does not mean that the calc script has stopped running.

When a user relaunches a busines rule after receiving this time out, Essbase is going to run the calcs again from start to finish.  This will result in doubling or tripling the calculation time resulting in a total system slowdown.

In System 11 it is possible to change both the timeout setting and have Planning not report an error.  This is actually done within the Planning web interface by mouse selectable fields (ie. no registry mods).

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