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Criteria for determining how many apps for application design

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When designing an application, if it's pretty large, you will have some decisions to make.

The first rule in planning is that not everything must reside in 1 database (plan type).


There are 3 distinct criteria for determing if a business model should be inside 1 model or more than 1.


1. Scheduled uptime / down time - update 

2. Sizing

3. Dimensionality


Regarding #1.  If you have a planning application you have the ability to have up to 3 plan types without any specialized apps like Oracle Workforce, Capex, Public Sector Budgeting.  When a Planning application needs it's meta data updated, all 3 plan types are down until the dimension build / refresh has completed.  Depending on the size of the databases and the type of restructure, this can be a painful wait.  If you have 2 different business models you are designing, this might be a requirement that is important enough to warrant a separate Planning application (not separate plan type).

#2. If your Planning app is starting to look to be too big, tihs alone could be cause to break the model out to another dapplication.  This is partially related to having unnecessary dimensionality as well.


#3. If the dimensionality needed for your 2nd business model has one or more dimensions that do not apply, then this would be a good candidate for a different plan type.  A different application could be employed, but it is possible to be in another plan type.


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