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Hyperion Planning Workflow

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If you are on Hyperion Planning you'll have access to bottoms up workflow.

A good document to get up to speed on workflow is:

Oracle document ID 126783.1

In reference to "bottoms up" workflow whereby you can predefine the path for the promotion, so users don't have to select who the next approver will be,  I take issue with a statement on page 28 of this document.  Under "Take Ownership" it states:  "Bypasses the current owner and lets you enter or edit data outside of the defined promotional path.  Take Ownership is available only to users above the current planning unit owner in the planning unit hierarchy."

In reality, with bottoms up, only the level 0 owner (user not group) can ever write to the planning unit.  This means that the take ownership does not allow editing of data, only comments.

The only exception is if the owner delegates the budget for that planning unit to another user that has access to the planning unit.

Another exception to allow others than the owner to write to the bottom level budget is to stop the planning unit.  This will allow anyone with Planning security to write to the planning unit.  This will also unfortunately delete any comments entered by the users.





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