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What version of Hyperion should we be on?

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PoorBest has come out.  If you are going to implement workflow you will want to be on the latest patch level.  The latest patch level will give you the ability to use "groups" for ownership assignment instead of just user id's. appears to be a very stable version of the software.  This could be due to my limited exposure of bugs by using Planning in classic mode.  This means that I do not have to deal with EPMA.  It has been a nice 2.5 years not having to touch EPMA.

Major difference:

Shared Services: 

  • In going to 11.1.2, the cssimport security tool has been removed but with a little trial and error, the lifecycle works pretty well.
  • EAS security is directly linked to shared services meaning you no longer need to "refresh from shared services" security in EAS


  • The connection is different once again.  Instead of using a url, you'll be using a shared connection to get to Essbase.

Excel native addin: 

  • yes this still exists and works as desired.

Each customer should do their own due dilligence in order to make an informed decision about what patch level to apply.  If you ask your consulting firm and they say "no, that's not a good idea", you should really think before overriding their decision.  I know of a few customers that wish they had listened to such advice.


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