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Essbase Excel VBA Selective Retrieve and Send

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Sometimes you have a workbook that contains tabs of 3 different varieties.

-some you want to retrieve from essbase

-some you want to lock and send to essbase

-some tabs you don't want to do anything for essbase

The attached workbook below has the requisite code to perform this task with a simple check of the first letter of a tab name.  It looks for a "R" for retrieve as the first letter and a "L" to identify a tab for locking and sending to essbase.  If the tab names do not start with an "R" or "L" the routine does not touch the tab.


*Note: for the workbook above to run:

-excel macro security is enabled

-that the native Excel Essbase Addin has been installed and that there this connectivity between the pc it's run on and Essbase.  This should work on Essbase versions from 6.x to 11.1.2.  Let me know if you experience any issues with the code running